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Microagressions and Me

by Darian Vernon What is a microaggresion? Chester M. Pierce defined it as small acts of mostly non-physical aggression between those of different races, cultures, or genders. What is an example of a microaggression? Have you ever heard anyone reply … finish reading Microagressions and Me


Give the Kids a Chance

by Eric Bethea If you were to take a nationwide survey asking parents to give a list of things that are critical to the success of their child’s future, education would be right up there with food, water, love, and … finish reading Give the Kids a Chance


Using Social Media Not Just to Tweet but to Get Informed

by Carman Fowler I’ll be honest with you guys. A few years ago I didn’t care about what was happening in the world. I didn’t care about social issues; I didn’t care about learning about what issues were even affecting … finish reading Using Social Media Not Just to Tweet but to Get Informed


Why We Should Prevent Bullying

by Darian Vernon Webster defines a bully as a blustering browbeating person; especially: one habitually cruel to others who are weaker. Aside from preying on the weak, this act has the potential to introduce several deleterious products. First, it has … finish reading Why We Should Prevent Bullying