Serve. Lead. Inspire.

Welcome to the University of South Carolina Leadership and Service Center’s Community Service site!

We invite you to explore the many opportunities that our office provides to engage in service within the Columbia community. With president Dr. Harris Pastides at the helm, we have seen a commitment to leadership development and an added value placed on the contributions that can be made by students through service and community-based learning.

The Leadership and Service Center is committed to building bridges between the campus and the diverse community in Columbia. Our office staff strives to be a resource that can help match the issue(s) you are passionate about to the agencies that are responding to that very need. Additionally, we recognize that the demand for nonprofit services has increased throughout Columbia, while funding and resources are sparse. Due to that, our staff firmly believes that through the service of students, faculty and staff, USC can make a significant difference in the lives of many. We have an exhaustive database of nonprofit agencies that provide our students with a wide variety of opportunities to serve. Through service, you will be able to apply your skill sets and fulfill growing needs in the areas of poverty, homelessness, health, youth development, the environment and many more.

The goals of our service initiatives are simple. We seek to provide University of South Carolina students with an opportunity to:

· Volunteer with a multitude of community partners and agencies to complete mutually beneficial service projects.
· Build relationships with peers and community members in order to sustain engagement in community building.
· Learn, reflect, and critically examine the systemic issues that affect the lives of the people in the areas in which they serve and the surrounding community.
· Prepare for a lifetime of community leadership and responsible citizenry.

Thank you for your time and service. Please visit us in the Campus Life Center on the second floor of Russell House University Union to meet us and share your ideas.

For service inquiries, call (803) 777-7130.                                                                                     

Luis Sierra 
Leadership Coach
(803) 777-7130                                     

Martha Scott Johnson
Graduate Assistant
(803) 777-7130