Program Overview, Requirements, and Fees


Gamecock Gateway is an exciting new one-year residential program offered jointly by the University of South Carolina and Midlands Technical College. This invitation-only program provides first-time college students from South Carolina with comprehensive support from both institutions. It offers affordability, access, and the eventual opportunity to enroll at the University of South Carolina. Gamecock Gateway students enjoy great benefits while working to meet USC's admissions requirements. Students will live on campus at USC while completing their first year of courses at Midlands Technical College (Airport Campus). Gamecock Gateway students:
  • will have student ID cards for both USC and Midlands Technical College
  • will have access to campus facilities
  • can participate in many programs and activities at both colleges
  • will live in a USC residence hall
  • can play USC intramural sports and utilize USC's state-of-the-art fitness center
  • can enjoy library privileges at USC
  • can obtain entry to many USC athletic events; attend concerts and cultural events; and much more!

Program Requirements

Gamecock Gateway is a one-year-only program extending from from fall to spring in a single academic year. To successfully complete the program, students must:
  • earn 30 transferrable credit hours at Midlands Technical College
  • earn at least a 2.25 GPA within the designated time frame (some majors will require a higher GPA)
  • be in good conduct and financial standing at both Midlands Technical College and USC
Supporting students in their academic preparation and transition to Carolina are three full time staff members: a Gamecock Gateway-specific Advisor (Susan Vinson), a program coordinator for Midlands Technical College (Dustin Etheridge), and a program coordinator for USC (Drew Newton).
Most USC services and opportunities are available to Gamecock Gateway students. Gateway students, however, are not able to obtain student tickets for football, basketball, or baseball tickets; join social fraternities or sororities; hold office in a club or organization; or participate in intercollegiate athletics.
It is expected that students will earn 30 credit hours and be eligible for transfer admission consideration by the end of the spring semester. Students who do not meet USC transfer admission requirements after participating in Gamecock Gateway may continue to be enrolled at Midlands Technical College if otherwise eligible.
2012-13 Program Fees
Gamecock Gateway program fee covers academic success programs, student activity fees, health center fees, wellness center access, and other program-specific offerings from both institutions. Your tuition cost per semester will vary depending upon your legal residency status:
Gamecock Gateway Program Fees Estimate*
Item Fall Term** Spring Term**
Gamecock Gateway Program Fee $1,493 $1,448
Housing Fee $2,415 $2,365
MTC Tuition and Fees*
In Area (Richland, Lexington, Fairfield Counties) $2,541 $2,516
In State but Not In Area $3,096 $3,071
*Midlands Technical College tuition and fees reflect 2011-2012 rates for reference. Tuition for 2012-13 will be determined in summer 2012, and students will be charged current year rates.  Visit for updated tuition and fees.
**Fall term fees include one-time application and enrollment fees. Advance deposit of $750 is required for fall, and applies as an advanced payment toward the program fee for fall.