Tobacco Free USC Violation

The purpose of this reporting tool is to report “Hot Spots” or areas of consistent violations of USC’s Tobacco-Free Policy on campus.  Response to violations will include monitoring the area and providing education on the policy and tobacco cessation resources to individuals observed using tobacco.  If additional signage is needed this will be reported to the Tobacco Free Living Council and Facilities.

Please confirm that the observed violation was on USC property by visiting the property map.

If you have observed repeat violations and you know the name of the individual violating the policy please report them directly to the appropriate area:

• Students should be reported to Student Conduct via the Incident Report form or 803-777-4333.
• Faculty and staff should be reported to the appropriate supervisor or Unit Head of the department.

If you weren’t sure how to approach those violating the policy please consider visiting our scripting page for helpful information on how to approach someone who is using tobacco on campus.  Compliance is everyone’s responsibility.

To report a hot spot violation of USC’s Tobacco-Free Policy please fill out this form. 

This tool is to be used for reporting violations starting January 1, 2014.