2016 Homecoming Commission

Sydney Garber

I am a rising senior from Sumter, SC pursuing a Social Work major and an Education minor. I wanted to be a part of the Homecoming Commission to make a change. I work at a bakery and in my free time I love to kayak and spend time with my family and golden retriever, Gracie.

Emily Hammond

I’m a Statistics major with a double minor in Psychology and General Education, class of 2018. I’m from North Myrtle Beach, SC. I wanted to be a part of the Commission because I knew that it would provide me with the opportunity to change Homecoming to how I saw best and make it a better experience for our university. For this year’s Homecoming, I’m hoping to see more student engagement and participation throughout the week of events. 

Briana Trusty

I am a junior pursuing a Broadcast Journalism major and a Spanish minor. My hometown is Fishers, Indiana, but I have loved every second of living in South Carolina and becoming a Gamecock. When I was a freshman, Homecoming week was one of the first times that I fully embraced the idea of being a Gamecock and developed an unwavering pride in USC. I have now had the privilege of being a participant in the activities for the past two years, and I joined the Homecoming Commission to have the opportunity to be on the other side of Homecoming. With this year’s theme, “Falling for Carolina”, I hope that students, faculty, and alumni will enjoy the variety of the events while simultaneously remembering why they fell in love with USC.

DeAnni Smalls

I am a rising senior pursuing an Exercise Science major and a Health, Promotion, Education, and Behavior minor. My hometown is Fairfax, VA. The reason that I joined the Homecoming Commission was because I wanted to create change on the USC campus and make Homecoming a fun event that is inclusive towards all.

Deborah Keen

Hi Everyone! My name is Deborah Keen, and I’m the Director of Alumni Relations for the Homecoming Commission. I’m originally from Hopewell, New Jersey, but my family and I moved to Hilton Head, South Carolina last June. I am a Public Health major with minors in Statistics and General Education. In my free time, I love to travel, volunteer, and try new things. I wanted to be part of the Homecoming Commission to create a fun, inclusive, and diverse week of events for students and alumni of Carolina. I hope everyone has a fun time during Homecoming 2016 and falls for Carolina all over again. Go Gamecocks!

Kenchina Allen

I am a senior Public Health major with a minor in Business Administration. I wanted to be a part of the Homecoming Commission to be more active on campus and to help our homecoming move forward and become fun and exciting for everyone. For Homecoming 2016, I am excited to get the campus ready for the amazing events we have planned. I believe that I will excel at my position because I am very determined and willing to work hard to ensure that our student body will enjoy Homecoming. 

Analis Bailey

Hello fellow Gamecocks! I am Analis Bailey, a rising sophomore student from Greenville, South Carolina. I am a Broadcast Journalism Major minoring in Psychology. I wanted to be a part of the Homecoming Commission because of my passion of connecting with others, event planning, and my school spirit for Carolina. Creating a calendar of events where past, present and future students can enjoy and create community drives me to be involved with organizations like Homecoming Commission. My favorite Homecoming memory from last year, was walking through campus and seeing different organizations creating their Homecoming floats. Despite the flood that happened prior to the week of events, seeing the camaraderie between students truly got me excited and ready to get involved. For this upcoming Homecoming, I am extremely excited for brand new events that we have created that will surely exceed past years’ events. Creating an inclusive and spirited community throughout the week is my goal, and working with the great commission we have this year, my goal will surely be reached!

Griffin Basden

I am a rising sophomore with a Risk Management and Finance major minoring in Journalism and Public Relations. I am excited about being on Homecoming because I can’t wait to make a difference at USC! 

Kira Elson

I am a junior, Art Studio major from Spartanburg, SC. I wanted to be part of a movement that worked in order to bring the community and Carolina family together, in order to remember all of our accomplishments and create new memories. I wanted to work with a team that saw and valued the diversity of USC and understood the importance of it. For this year’s Homecoming, my mission is to create moments and memories that will last past the time spent at Carolina and remind those who once did, just why they love USC so much. 

Lisa Sanchez

Hey y’all! My name’s Lisa Sanchez and I am currently a sophomore majoring in Marketing here at USC with a double minor in Advertising/PR and Computer Science. I’m originally from West Chester, Pennsylvania, but am absolutely in love with the weather and community here in Columbia. I wanted to be a part of the Homecoming Commission because of my extreme pride in this incredible university and its students. Fun facts: I love sheep and Miss Vickie’s Jalapeño Chips. I super can’t wait to have a great Homecoming 2k16! Go cocks!