2017 Homecoming Commission

The vision of the Homecoming Commission is to promote an environment that caters to the diversity of the Carolina family with the engagement of students, alumni, and the surrounding community in an inclusive, positive and fun week of events.

Name: Ellie Marley
Position: Executive Commissioner
Year: Senior
Hometown: Sammamish, Washington
Major: Criminal Justice and Global Studies
Fun Fact: I learned to ride the unicycle in fifth grade and even rode in my hometown’s annual parade.
What Life in Garnet and Black means to you: Life in Garnet and Black reminds me of why I came to USC and all the reasons that I have enjoyed my time here. It reminds me that while I may not be a Carolinian by birth, I am by choice and it was the best choice I have ever made.

Name: Deja Vaughn
Position: Marketing Chair
Year: Senior
Hometown: Greenville, SC
Major: Visual Communications, Minor: Fashion Merchandising…
Fun Fact: I’ve been plant-based vegan for 1 year and 5 months
What Life in Garnet and Black means to you: Life in Garnet and Black to me means having no limits to do the things I want to accomplish here at USC. I walk with pride in my garnet and black knowing that my dreams here will take me far.

Name: Andrea Johnson;
Position: Social Media Chair
Year: Senior
Hometown: Columbia, SC 
Major: Marketing and Management; Minor: Sports and Entertainment Management
Fun Fact: I’ve been playing tennis for 15 years.  
What Life in Garnet and Black means to you: To me, Life in Garnet and Black means that the Carolina experience is one that I can take with me wherever I go. The lessons that I learn, the memories I create, and even some of the people I meet at Carolina will be with me for a lifetime.

Name:  Cat Carter
Position: Sponsorship Chair
Year: Junior
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Major: Economics, B.A.
Fun Fact: I can recite season 14 of “Law and Order SVU” from memory.
What Life in Garnet and Black means to you: “Life in Garnet and Black” means that as a Gamecock I have the responsibility and the honor to uphold the tradition of an institution that will forever be a part of me.  When I wear the sacred colors of garnet and black, I stand tall and take pride in my actions.

Name: Bryce Wilson
Position: Rules and Community Outreach Chair
Year: Sophomore  
Hometown: Charleston, SC 
Major: History and Political Science 
Fun Fact: I’m ambidextrous 
What Life in Garnet and Black means to you: To mean it means embracing University of South Carolina as a home away from home no matter where you’re from for four shorts years this University and the city around it are your home.

Name: Lisa Sanchez
Position: Event Director
Year: Senior
Hometown: West Chester, Pennsylvania
Major: Marketing & GSCOM
Fun Fact: One of my favorite hobbies is wood carving!
What Life in Garnet and Black means to you: Life in Garnet and Black means being proud of who you are and of our incredible university and where it will take you in the future. It’s truly believing that even when you graduate or leave campus that you will always be a member of the UofSC community and when you come back you will still be just as much of a member of the Carolina community as you were when you were a student. It’s sincerely loving our university and proudly being a Gamecock for the rest of your life, no matter where you end up.

Name: Markos Hurtt
Position: Event Director
Year: Senior
Hometown: Columbia, SC
Major: Public Relations
Fun Fact: You might catch me on stage somewhere performing as The Hip Hop Geek!
What Life in Garnet and Black means to you:  To me, living a Life in Garnet and Black simply means loving and embracing yourself. Something inside of us somehow convinced us that the University of South Carolina was the place we were all going to call home for a period of time. If we embrace that reason, then we are each living a Life in Garnet and Black.

Name: Alsalt Al Nabhani
Position: Events Director
Year: Junior
Hometown: Muscat-Oman
Major: Finance
Fun Fact: I love watching sitcom
What Life in Garnet and Black means to you: for me it’s the part in our hearts and minds that Columbia adds to us through our 4 years journey by giving us a new culture and perspective, and no matter where we go, and where we end up, this experience will always have an influence on how we interact with the rest of the world cause deep inside we know that we will always be Gamecocks.

Name: André Mace
Position: Event Director
Year: Sophomore
Major: Media Arts
Hometown: Latta, SC
Fun Fact: I share my birthday with my mother!
To me, Life in Garnet and Black is the individuality of a USC student. In this individuality, one has access to resources, people, talents, etc. to help themselves, each other and the greater world. A part of a community, every student has a story to bring to the table, making up an almost kaleidoscopic expression of both a student, personally and USC when looked at collectively.

Name: Becca Howard
Position: event director
Year: Junior
Hometown: Charlotte
Major: Finance and Marketing
Fun Fact: Aspiring dog owner 
What Life in Garnet and Black means to you: Life in Garnet and Black is living with gamecock spirit and pride whether it be at football games, tcoop, or while eating a burger.