Student Leadership in the Workplace

It’s more than just a paycheck!

The Student Leadership in the Workplace’s goal is to focus on your employment as a leadership development opportunity.

Student Leadership in the Workplace is designed for student employees (both on and off campus) to learn how to value their position as more than just a paycheck. There are significant and beneficial transferrable skills that all student employees gain from whatever their employment experience is. We are here to help students appropriately frame their employment experience and maximize their potential so students can get the most out of their job!

Let us help you learn how your job is more than just a paycheck!

Let us support you through a number of ways including:
Professional Development Certification Program
On the Job Leadership Coaching Sessions
National Student Employment Week
Break with a Boss Lunch Program
Student Employee/Supervisor of the Year Award
Trainings and Consultations

Benefits of Getting Involved:
• Learn how to connect employment experience to long term goals (internships/career/major/etc.)
• Build better supervisor/supervisee relationships
• Identify and hone in on transferrable and “job keeping” skills
• Learn about several resources and opportunities on campus.

News & Events:

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