Health Professions Applications – Procedures and Suggestions

Pre-Health Handbook

The following information is intended for students who are preparing to apply to dental,
optometry, osteopathic medical, podiatry, or veterinary school.
Please be aware that this handout contains general information, and that requirements and application procedures vary from school
to school. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have met the requirements of, and have followed proper application procedures for, each school to which you apply.

Table of Contents

I. Centralized Application Services
II. Selecting Schools
III. Standardized Tests
IV. Letters of Evaluation
V. Filling Out the Application
VI. Important Information for Each Application Service
VII. Personal Statement
VIII. Secondary Applications
IX. Some Final Notes

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Pre-Vet Handbook

This handbook has been developed for those students at the University of South Carolina who are interested in the field of veterinary medicine. It is recommended that students also refer to Veterinary Medical School Admissions Requirements in the United States and Canada, published by Williams and Wilkins (a copy is available in the Office of Pre-Professional Advising Resource Room), and to individual veterinary school websites.

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