Pursuing a career in law is a notable and worthy career choice- you do not have to go it alone. We are here to help you be successful and to pursue your dreams of becoming a lawyer.

Choose the “right” major – for you: Students can choose any major they are interested in pursuing – there is no perfect major for law school as long as the student challenges themselves within that major.

Stretch Academically: Take challenging courses within your major that require you to read, write, think, research, and analyze. These are the skills students will need to succeed as law students and attorneys.

Get involved in the community: Volunteering in the local community is crucial for all pre-law students. Law schools look for students who are active in the communities both within USC (student organizations, clubs, intramurals) and outside (religious organizations, non-profits, service Saturdays).

Get to know your professors: In addition to important intangible benefits of getting to know your professors on a more personal level, pre-law students will need to have at least one law school recommendation come from a professor.