Table of Contents


  1. The Decision to Pursue a Career in Medicine 
  2. The Office of Pre-Professional Advising
  3. Planning the Program of Study
    • Requirements of Medical Schools
    • Requirements for the Major
    • Courses Desirable, But Not Required
  4. The Admission Process
  5. Financing a Medical Education
  6. If You Are Not Selected
    1. Re-application
    2. Osteopathic Medical Schools
    3. International Medical Schools
    4. Career Alternatives
  7. Medical School Policies and Special Programs
    1. Early Decision Program
    2. Notification
    3. Joint Degree Programs
    4. Under-represented Minority Students
    5. Irregularities
  8. Concluding Remarks

Appendix A: Publications of Interest to
Students in Pre-Medicine

Appendix B: Medical School Admissions

Appendix C: Timetable For Pre-Medical Students