Student success is a goal that is shared by parents and the University, and our office strives to form a positive partnership with parents from day one. All parents are encouraged to join the dues-free Parents Association to receive monthly e-newsletters and other important email communication from the University of South Carolina. We’ll keep you updated on ways to encourage your student’s success and provide you with regular updates from the University. Also, in the event of an emergency situation, parents and families will stay informed from messages sent to Parents Association members. It’s free, and it’s the best way for parents to stay connected to the University of South Carolina!

The Office of Parents Programs also provides other partnership opportunities through our Parents Advisory Council.

The Parents Advisory Council consists of individuals who have been selected to serve in an advisory role to the Office of Parents Programs, the Division of Student Affairs and Academic Support, and the University.  Members of this special group meet once per semester.  In addition to providing feedback and assisting in the creation of new initiatives with the Office of Parents Programs, members support the University by participating in the Parents Annual Fund with a significant leadership gift.

Name City State
John and Tonina Abplanalp Stamford CT
Daniel and Ana Maria Aceti Charlotte NC
Skip and Jenny Ashmore Marietta GA
Steve Beckham and Gretchen Van der Veer McLean VA
Dan and Shelley Boyce Villanova PA
John and Hope Bryant Raleigh NC
Steven Akey and Joyce Carrier Alexandria VA
Derick and Sallie Close Charlotte NC
Tom and Marcy Coker Charlotte NC
John and Ginny Collett Charlotte NC
Mark and Lorie Easton Pawleys Island SC
Tom and Kathy Ewing Charlotte NC
George and Robin Funk El Segundo CA
George and Paula Holm Richmond VA
Thomas and Kathryn Karol Alexandria VA
Tom and Patti Keegan Fairfield CT
Lin Laffitte Estill SC
Bob and Anne Lepczyk Sparks MD
Joe and Patty Lucot Pittsburgh PA
Renee and William Moore Charlotte NC
Bill and Allison Morrisette Greensboro NC
John and Annette Nikolich Lake Barrington IL
Kenneth and Dianna Palmer Edgewater MD
Bailey and Mimi Patrick Charlotte NC
Dank and Connell Pinckney Charlotte NC
Jeffrey and Deborah Pompei Phoenixville PA
Trent and Wes Ragland Raleigh NC
Lewis and Debra Ropp Dallas TX
Herb and Jean Sharpe Charlotte NC
Ken and Alison Taylor Maineville OH
Frank and Lee Turner Raleigh NC