Lost & Found

Lost & Found services are provided by the Russell House University Union at the University of South Carolina. FOUND items can be claimed at the Russell House Information Center. We are located on the 2nd floor of the RHUU, 1400 Greene Street, Columbia SC 29208.  Inquiries can be made via this site, by phone at 777-3196, or in person.  The Lost & Found hours of operation are 8am-10pm Monday-Friday, and 10am – 10pm Saturday – Sunday.

Students, Faculty, and Staff click here to report a Lost item or use the buttons below to see a list of FOUND items.

Click Here to Submit a Lost Item

Visitors or guests of the University, please call 803-777-3196, or stop by the Information Center for assistance.

Click Here to search FOUND items

Procedures for handling Found (unclaimed) items:

1)     All items will be logged into the Lost & Found database.

2)     Items will be kept for a minimum of 30 days.

3)     Anyone claiming items must show a University ID or a driver’s license.

4)     ATM, credit, debit cards will be destroyed after a minimum of 30 days.

5)     USC IDs (Carolina Cards) will need to be taken directly to the Carolina Card office, located in the basement of the RHUU. We WILL NOT accept found USC ID’s.

6)     Any other unclaimed items after a minimum of 30 days are considered property of USC and will be sent to USC Inventory Control and will be subject to their policies and procedures for handling unclaimed items. They can be reached at 777-2156.

7)     If items are received from another area on campus they will be subject to these same procedures.

8)  Please call 777-3196 with any questions.