USC Faculty and Staff

Below is information for faculty and staff for ways to make classes, activities, and events user-friendly for students with disabilities.

You can start with this brief but helpful information guide (PDF) for general information and a few common questions.


Syllabi Statement

Faculty and Staff are encouraged to discuss accommodations with students at the beginning of each semester. Faculty may wish to include one of the following statements on their syllabi:

  • “Any student with a documented disability should contact the Office of Student Disability Services at 777-6142 to make arrangements for appropriate accommodations.”
  • Students with Disabilities: The University of South Carolina provides high-quality services to students with disabilities, and we encourage you to take advantage of them. Students with disabilities needing academic accommodations should: (1) Register with and provide documentation to the Office of Student Disability Services in LeConte College Room 112A, and (2) Discuss with the instructor the type of academic or physical accommodations you need. Please do this as soon as possible. *All course materials are available in alternative format upon request*


Test Proctoring


Classroom Accessibility

  • Blackboard Support and Test Availability Exceptions

    Blackboard Availability Options and Exceptions – A video about Test Options and how to set exceptions (e.g. extended test time) for specific students.

    Blackboard Test Options – Blackboard article about adding extended test time to online tests for students that receive that accommodation from our office

    To ask questions, report problems, or make suggestions related to Blackboard:


Sign Language & Real-Time Captioning Request


Accessible USC Events


Assistive Technology & Web Accessibility

  • Recommended Websites

    Access this valuable list of websites to learn more important information about assistive technology and accessibility for everyone.

  • Website Accessibility Links

    Access this list of several webpages related to topics focused on website accessibility.


Additional Resources