Congressional Advisory Board

What We Do

The Student Congressional Advisory Board serves as the voice of the University of South Carolina. We work to assist Congress members in finding better solutions to academic, financial and social issues that concern students. We collect data on student values, develop policy presentations and work with legislators in our nation’s capital to advocate for students’ views.

CAB works to solicit input from institutional constituents such as students, faculty, administrators and staff. CAB strives to educate the USC community about federal higher education initiatives and investments. This initiative enables students to realize their potential for active involvement in national politics.

As student advocates, we believe we can transform both the state and University of South Carolina by informing our elected leaders of issues that are relevant to our generation. By doing this, we can enhance their future – benefiting our community and leaving a lasting heritage for future students.

CAB consists of eight members, one of which is the head of the advisory board. He or she is appointed by the student body president after having completed both an application and interview process. The seven other members are selected by the head of the advisory board and other student government members through the completion of an application and a rigorous interview process. These members all demonstrate exceptional talent, merit, enthusiasm and interest in political matters.

2017 Congressional Advisory Board Report [pdf]
2016 Congressional Advisory Board Report (PDF, DOCx, One Pager)
2015 Congressional Advisory Board Report (PDFDOCx)
2014 Congressional Advisory Board Report (PDFDOCx)
2013 Congressional Advisory Board Report (PDFDOCx)
2012 Congressional Advisory Board Report (PDF, DOCx)

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