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The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is dedicated to the advancement and development of Graduate and Professional Students at USC. It serves to advocate on behalf of the interests of nearly 7000 graduate and professional students at the University of South Carolina. The GSA works closely with administrators, faculty and staff to achieve its goals.

If you have any concerns that the GSA can help address, please feel free to contact any of the executive officers directly, via our email at or by phone at 803-777-2631.

Apply for a GSA cabinet position

The GSA is recruiting cabinet members! Applications are due by Friday, July 13. See form for position descriptions and application instructions.
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GSA Election Results

President: Jennifer Mandelbaum, PhD Student (Public health) far right
Vice President: Anna Cofie, PhD Student (Public health) second from right
Treasurer: Billy Quinlan, Masters Student (Public administration) far left
Graduate Council Representative: Clint Saidy, PhD Student (Mechanical engineering) second from left

GSA Discussing Leadership During Carolina Leadership Week:

In collaboration with the Graduate School, the Graduate Student Association (GSA) prepared a series of blog posts and videos about leadership for the Carolina Leadership Week. Take a look at the blog posts and videos we prepared:
· Climbing the Leadership Ladder: One Step at a Time, Clint Saidy – GSA President (link)
· Developing Your Leadership Skills, Jennifer Mandelbaum – GSA Vice President (link)
· What Leadership Means to Me, Anna Cofie – GSA Health Secretary (link)
· The Leaders among Us: My Older Sister, Matthew Owens – GSA Graduate Council Representative (link)
· On Becoming a Leader: Maybe you already are, Nick Vera – GSA Secretary of Community Outreach (link)
· Four Steps of Transformational Leadership, Sarah Truesdale – Secretary of GSA Affairs (link)
· Life Lessons in Leadership: Leading by example, Rachel Lunsford – GSA Secretary of Alumni Relations (link)
· USC Graduate School YouTube page (link)

A message of support for graduate students

Fellow graduate and professional students,

The Graduate Student Association was saddened to learn of the death of a graduate colleague. We are keeping her family and friends in our thoughts and prayers, and we encourage everyone in our Carolina community to come together and support each other in the aftermath of this tragedy.

It is natural to feel shock and grief after losing someone to suicide, and no two people will experience loss in the same way. We take mental health seriously at Carolina, and the University offers several resources to assist students through their grieving process. Counseling & Psychiatry has made space for walk-ins today and for the upcoming days and welcomes phone calls. They also offer Community Support Meetings where they meet with a group of concerned campus community members. We encourage interested students to contact Counseling & Psychiatry to set up a meeting (803-777-5223). They will happily work with you. Please visit the Student Health Services website for additional information. There is also a National Suicide Prevention Hotline (1-800-273-8255) that operates 24/7.

As we move forward, let’s continue to prioritize our mental wellbeing. We understand that graduate students are under a lot of pressure, and it is important to seek help when needed. As members of this community, we should also strive to be there for one another. As President Pastides reminded us, “Helping a fellow Gamecock is always the right thing to do.”

Clint Saidy
President | Graduate Student Association
University of South Carolina

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On November 16, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 1, the Tax Cut and Jobs Act with a vote of 227-205. The Graduate Student Association at the University of South Carolina is disappointed in the outcome of the vote and stands firmly opposed to the provisions in this legislation that are detrimental to higher education.
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