Student Legislative Action Network (LAN)

LAN is a program of the Executive Branch of the Student Government of the University of South Carolina. Its mission involves the following three goals:

(A) To serve as a non-partisan advocacy entity, frequently communicating with the South Carolina General Assembly and other political officials on behalf of the constituency of the University of South Carolina student body so as to directly influence state
and local government;

(B) To track legislation year-round through the legislative process, following the legislative chambers while in session and attending meetings and hearings as necessary, to culminate in a Legislative Report Card;

(C) To engage in critical and thoughtful research through individual projects to present to state lawmakers, executive officials, and other political bodies.
Applicants should be passionate about policy, research, and advocacy. Depending on the student’s role in the network, they will be required to attend weekly or monthly meetings. They will also be expected to do work outside of these meetings.

A team member will contact applicants after their application is received and reviewed.

For specific questions, please contact the Director of LAN, Jay Selesky, at

Student Government Relations Website