Choose To Lose Online

Choose To Lose Online is a virtual weight management program designed to facilitate behavior changes on your own. We aim to provide you with online resources to accomplish your healthy lifestyle goals.  You can contact us through our email at or through the contact form on the website. Just like all other forms of contact at Campus Wellness, we will do our best to respond within 48 hours. We encourage you to provide feedback on what you like or do not like about the site, the workouts, or other issues you encounter.

Since this is an online program, we do not have individuals come in for a body fat assessment. However, if you would like to know your body fat percentage, you can schedule an appointment through Campus Wellness for a pinch test. Also, if you feel like the lessons are not providing you with the exercise knowledge that you need, you can schedule an exercise consultation with us as well!

Choose to Lose Online registration will re-open in May!