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Campus Wellness For Faculty/Staff

USC faculty and staff have diverse needs that are different from those of students. Campus Wellness offers a variety of programs and services, from fitness to stress-management, to help meet those needs.


We offer on-going drop-in and appointment-based preventive health screenings and services at the Solomon Blatt Physical Education Center (Room 201), Strom Thurmond Wellness and Fitness Center (lower level) and the Thomson Student Health Center. Services are either free or available to faculty and staff at a low cost.

Preventive Health Screenings
Physical Activity and Exercise
Stress Management
Tobacco Cessation

Presentations and Workshops

Campus Wellness offers a variety of presentations and workshops for faculty and staff. Topics include health-related issues and behaviors such as nutrition, exercise and physical activity, stress management, weight management, disease prevention and management. If one of our existing presentations or workshops does not meet your needs, we are happy to tailor a program for your group.

Descriptions of Presentations and Workshops & Online Request Form HERE!


Making healthy choices on a regular basis can be difficult! Campus Wellness recognizes that knowledge is power and that support and accountability can be key factors contributing to successful behavior change. Several multi-week programs are offered throughout the academic year to help individuals create and sustain healthy lifestyles.

Events and Outreach

Campus Wellness plans and coordinates several health and outreach events throughout the year.

  • Benefits Fair Tabling Event
  • Flu Clinics
  • Grocery Store Tours
  • Mobile Mammography

Meet the Wellness Staff

  • Mary Cornwell, MPH-PAPH Candidate
    Faculty/Staff Graduate Assistant

Mary Cornwell is a Graduate Assistant in the Faculty/Staff office of Campus Wellness. Her focus is in physical activity and nutrition and she coordinates programs such as Choose to Lose, Heart Beat Pedometer Challenge, and Gamecocks on the Move. She received her Bachelor's of Science degree in Kinesiology/Exercise Science from Michigan State University. Currently, she is pursuing a Masters in Public Health with an emphasis in Health Aspects of Physical Activity. Upon completing her degree, she hopes to work for a nonprofit organization promoting community health or work at the state level to change health initiatives. Her interests include childhood obesity/physical activity and community health behaviors.

For more information about Campus Wellness services and programs:
Call or Stop by the Blatt PE Center:
1300 Wheat Street, Room 201:
General office number: 803-777-6518