Campus Wellness for Students

Your physical and mental health has a strong influence on your academic success! The mission of Campus Wellness is to encourage and support healthy lifestyles for all members of the USC community.

Campus Wellness has health educators specializing in sexual and reproductive health, physical activity and exercise, weight management, nutrition, stress management, disease prevention and general well-being. Our department offers a wide variety of services, programs and health awareness events for the campus community.


We offer on-going drop-in and appointment-based individual preventive health screenings and services at several locations on campus. Services are available for FREE or low cost to students:

Presentations and Workshops

Campus Wellness offers a variety of presentations and workshops for academic classes or your group or organization. Topics include, but are not limited to health-related issues and behaviors important to college students such as nutrition, exercise and physical activity, stress management, weight management, sleep, relationships and sexual health. If one of our existing presentations or workshops does not meet your needs, we are happy to tailor a program for your group.

Descriptions of Presentations and Workshops & Online Request Form HERE!


Making healthy choices on a regular basis can be difficult! Campus Wellness recognizes that knowledge is power and that support and accountability can be key factors contributing to success behavior change and lifestyles. Several multi-week programs are offered throughout the academic year to help individuals create and sustain healthy lifestyles. Examples of programs include the Choose to Lose weight management program, Changing Carolina 5K, and Keep Calm. These programs require pre-registration and take place throughout the year. Visit the Student Health Services website or contact Campus Wellness for information about upcoming programs.

Awareness Events and Campaigns

Campus Wellness plans and coordinates several health awareness events and campaigns for the campus community. Popular events and regular campaigns include Project Condom, Carolina Beautiful, Changing Carolina 5K Event, World AIDS day, National Nutrition Month, and many more! Visit the Student Health Services website or contact Campus Wellness for information about upcoming events.

Changing Carolina Peer Leaders

Have a passion for health – your own and your campus community? Get involved on campus as a Changing Carolina Peer Leader! Changing Carolina is a diverse group of students who combine their specialized training and passion for health education and wellness with a desire to make a difference on campus.

Learn more about Changing Carolina Peer Leaders HERE.

Our approach towards providing services and developing programs and events follows our holistic perspective of health and wellness – encompassing all dimensions of wellness: physical, social, emotional, occupational, spiritual and intellectual. To accomplish our mission, Campus Wellness works in coordination with other Student Health Services departments and campus units to meet the needs of USC’s diverse student population. As students, you are faced with many decisions regarding your health and well-being. Campus Wellness is committed to assisting you with finding the best solutions possible that fit your interests and lifestyle.


For more information about Campus Wellness services and programs:
Call or Stop by one of our on-campus locations:

Strom Thurmond Wellness & Fitness Center (lower level):
(803) 576-9393

Blatt P.E. Center:
(803) 777-6518

Sexual Health Office: Thomson Student Health Center:
(803) 777-1835