Stand Up Carolina encourages all Carolina students, faculty and staff members to be active bystanders who step in and speak up. A bystander is someone who sees a situation or event but is not involved in it. An active bystander is someone who sees a negative situation or event and intervenes in some way to prevent harm. These negative situations include sexual and physical violence on campus, discriminatory, destructive and illegal behavior and situations involving relationship violence and stalking.

Being an active bystander does not always mean a person has to physically or directly intervene. Call the police, notify a university administrator or tell your professor. Making the choice to be an active bystander can make a very real difference in someone’s life.

The university’s bystander accountability initiative, Stand Up Carolina, teaches community members signs to look for, ways to step in and resources to help.

The Stand Up Carolina initiative includes educational presentations, social media messaging and on-campus events that attempt to prevent interpersonal and sexual violence on campus as well as provide resources and what to do in the tragic event they occur.

The Stand Up Carolina presentations teach students, faculty and staff about what it means to be an active bystander, how they can intervene in harmful situations and what resources are available on campus. SAVIP staff train faculty and campus staff to recognize interpersonal violence and ways they can include pertinent intervention strategies into their everyday curriculum. The Stand Up Carolina partner presentation is offered to students who take University 101. The partner presentation is designed to correlate specifically to the course goals and learning objectives of University 101. For more information regarding the Stand Up Carolina partner presentation for University 101, click here. SAVIP also offers Stand Up Carolina presentations for the Division of Human Resources and to individual classes or student organizations upon request as time permits.

To sign up for a Stand Up Carolina workshop or to schedule one for your class or student organization, please call 803-777-8248.