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Carolina Pre-Calculus Review:

Revive your Math skills by participating in Carolina Pre-Calculus Review!  In collaboration with the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering, the Student Success Center coordinates CPR, an intensive 2 week program designed to prepare students for the Math courses they plan to take in the Fall.

This program uses the ALEKS online software to predict and customize math content for each individual student to review fundamental Calculus concepts needed for success at the University of South Carolina.  Students participating in the program will have access to an online tutor, interact in an online environment with other students about the status of their completion, and have access to the ALEKS course content. Expectations for participants are below:

  • Attend the online orientation on the first day of your program (July 7th or July 28th)
  • Complete the ALEKS pre-assessment within 24 hours of orientation
  • Work on the ALEKS software for at least one hour each day
  • Login to drop-in online tutoring whenever you may need help grasping a concept (available Sunday-Thursday, 6 pm – 9 pm)
  • Complete two “checkpoint sessions” during the program to discuss progress and further growth (15 minutes each)
  • Login to blackboard each day during your study session to see any correspondence from the tutor and respond to any necessary information
  • Communicate with the tutor if corresponded with and understand that the tutor will monitor your progress and get in touch if you are not meeting the expectations. Parents may be contacted if you are falling behind


Two available dates:

  • July 7th-July 18th
  • July 28th-Aug 8th


$35 for participants which contains 2 weeks of course content and support from the Student Success Center plus 4 additional weeks of access to course content in ALEKS.

To Register:

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For more information, contact:
Student Success Center
803-777-1000 or