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Academic Advising at USC

Academic advising is a very important part of the college experience at the University of South Carolina. Undergraduate students familiar with the advising process and prepared for advising sessions are much more likely to excel academically.

Academic advising at USC is decentralized, which means that each college or school handles advising in a different way. For example, in the Department of Biology undergraduate students are likely to be advised in a group setting, with several undergraduate students getting advised simultaneously. However, in the History department undergraduate students are assigned one academic advisor who will work individually with the undergraduate student. Undergraduate students in the Moore School of Business are assigned a specific day to come to the school’s advisement office and meet with one of the available advisors. The dates/times and scheduling sign-ups may also vary depending on the college.

The job responsibilities of academic advisors are also varied at USC. Some academic advisors are professional staff whose central job task is advising students. Other advisors are faculty members for whom advising is only a small portion of their job responsibility.

It is important for undergraduate students to do all they can to prepare for advisement. The following resources will help University 101 instructors answer some fundamental questions about academic advising as well as important policy information. Also included are some tips and strategies to help undergraduate students make the most out of the advising experience.

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