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Changing Your Major…


Am I attempting to change my major within the same college or school? (Not sure? See Step 1 for a list of colleges/schools and their individual majors.)

YES: Please review the list of GPA requirements (Step 2) and contact the appropriate person within that office (Step 3). NO: If you are leaving one college/school and attempting to enter another, go through Steps 1-5.



Explore New Majors: Use this resource to browse all of the majors offered at the University of South Carolina within the eleven colleges and schools. Click on individual majors to view a short description. If you have no idea what you want to major in see this page.

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Major GPA Requirements: This chart provides an overview of all GPA requirements for the different majors offered. Please keep in mind that some schools are more competitive than others, and it is important to consult an advisor or the Cross College Advising staff for guidance.

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For undergraduate students interested  Look into how the different colleges/schools work with undergraduate students to change their major into a particular academic department. Information includes: contact name, office location, phone number, and steps to changing your major.

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Meet with a Cross College Advisor: The Cross College Advising program is designed to help undergraduate students navigate the process of changing majors. It is recommended that you go through Steps 1-3 (listed above) to prepare for your appointment. The CCA is located in the Student Success Center in the Thomas Cooper Library. You can schedule an appointment online.


  • Determine how classes you've taken would fit into a different major before switching
  • Compare various majors and college/program requirements side by side
  • Plan to graduate on time with more than one major and/or experiential learning opportunity
  • Prepare for or clarify information from your departmental advisement appointment
  • Find the campus resources and offices that can answer your specific questions.

Appointments must be made online at by clicking here

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Change-of-College-Form: This form is for undergraduate students who are leaving one college (i.e. Business) and are entering another college (i.e. College of Arts and Sciences). Note that if you are changing your major within the same college, you will need to speak with your advisor, your college or school's Student Services/Dean's Office.

Note: Complete the Change of College form only if you are changing to a major in a different college and you are sure that the new major is currently accepting new students. First have the form signed at the student services office for your current major, and then take it to the student services office for your new major to have it signed there. Once you have the form signed for your current major, you are "released" from that major and will not officially have a major or advisor until the form is signed at the new major. Therefore, it is very important to complete the paperwork process in a timely manner.

Print a copy of "Interested in Changing Your Major?" handout here

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For more information, contact:
Student Success Center
803-777-1000 or