Financial Literacy Consultations

We offer one-on-one consultations for undergraduate students that cover a variety of important personal financial information.  Each session is designed to educate undergraduate students about the different financial concepts and provide them with the tools to incorporate good financial practices into daily life.

Consultation topics include:

  • Money Management
  • Building and Managing Credit
  • Moving Off-Campus
  • Financial Planning for Study Abroad
  • Student Loan & Repayment Education
  • Debt Management

To schedule an appointment, click on the ‘Make an Appointment’ link above.

Financial Literacy 101 Module

Financial Literacy 101 is an online module that any USC undergraduate student is able to take free of charge.  This interactive course allows undergraduate students to learn more about financial concepts and challenges that are unique to college students.

Participants will complete a variety of personal finance activities including:

  • Developing a financial plan
  • Creating a monthly budget
  • Taking a financial wellness self-assessment
  • Taking identity theft and financial trouble screening exercises

Each undergraduate student who successfully completes the Financial Literacy 101 module will receive an assessment and verifiable completion certificate.

If you would like to take the Financial Literacy 101 Module, please request an access code by sending an email to

If you already have an access code for the Financial Literacy 101 Module, click on the ‘Take the Financial Literacy Module’ link above.

Financial Literacy Presentations & Other Workshops

Financial Literacy U101 Presentation
The Financial Literacy Program offers a University 101 Campus Partner Presentation. To learn about this presentation, click here! Please note, U101 Instructors must request this presentation through U101’s TutorTrac.

Financial Literacy Workshops

Workshops are available for academic classes, campus departments, as well as undergraduate student organizations on campus. These workshops can cover a variety of topics, including budgeting, credit/debt, and the importance of financial management plans.  Please note that workshops are intended for audiences of 8 or more.  If you anticipate your group will be fewer than 8 people, we encourage you to contact us to discuss other programming options

*Financial Literacy Program Workshops are limited to student organizations, departments, and other groups that are part of the University of South Carolina-Columbia system. The Financial Literacy Program’s mission is to first and foremost serve the undergraduate population at the University of South Carolina-Columbia, thus not all workshop requests can be accommodated.

To request a Financial Literacy Presentation or Workshop, click on the ‘Request a Presentation/Workshop’ link above. Below are topics that can be covered in a Financial Literacy Program Workshop (Please limit your selection to THREE topics or fewer):

– Budgeting/Money Management: Developing a budget, budgeting methods, strategies for tracking expenses, and tips for long-term maintenance.

– Financial Goal Setting: Creating financial goals and budgeting to achieve your financial goals.

– Credit Basics: Overview of credit, basics of a credit score, and actions that can have a positive and negative impact on your credit.

– Common Credit Mistakes: Common behaviors and how they can negatively impact your credit, a review of strategies for ways to avoid falling into these credit traps, and steps to resolve credit issues.

– Financial Planning for Study Abroad: Study abroad from a financial perspective, how to manage money while abroad, what costs to expect, and methods of payment while abroad.

– Identity Theft: Signs you could be a victim of identity theft and strategies for how to resolve it.

– Loans and Scholarships: Basic overview of federal and private loans, scholarships, grants, and planning to repay loans.

For more information, contact:
Student Success Center
803-777-1000 or