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The Financial Literacy Program has recently partnered with the Cross Campus Advising Program to produce the “Financial Implications of Common Academic Decisions” worksheet.  Take a look to read about how you can possibly avoid some of those financial fallbacks as your progress through your academics.

Worried about how you should prepare financially for the transition to college? Use the Freshmen Transition Checklist (pdf) to help you prepare for your new life as an undergraduate college student.

For financial information, tutorials, worksheets, calculators, and much more, visit the Cash Course website.

Want to take control of your money? Apple has developed a new suite of 29 financial calculators that can assist you with reworking your budget, calculating car payments, or preparing for mortgage payments. Download the free app features from iTunes by clicking here!

It’s football season! Give your financial knowledge a workout by playing Drew Brees’ NFL Financial Football. Click here to download!

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Local Financial Help

For financial help in the local area, try these resources:

USC Financial Aid
Department of Consumer Affairs
SC Dept of Revenue
SC Department of Labor
Employment Security Commission
Family Service Center
– for serious money problems