out to lunch


The Out-to-Lunch Program is designed to promote faculty and undergraduate student interaction outside the classroom. Undergraduate students can pick up an Out-to-Lunch ticket at any ACE office or the Student Success Center front desk. Undergraduate students then take their professor to lunch for free at any campus dining facility. University Housing and Sodexho Dining Services cover the cost of the faculty member’s meal and the undergraduate students pay for their own meal with their meal plan, Carolina card, or cash.

What participants have to say…

"I learned that it is good to reach out to people and that you should not be intimidated because you could be pleasantly surprised by how well something you were scared to do could work out". –Fall 2012 Participant

"I learned a lot more about my English professor and it helped me to get to know a different side of her. I really enjoyed our lunch together and getting to talk about our different life stories. I think Out-to-Lunch is a really good idea and can be really beneficial for students and professors". –Fall 2012 Participant

"I learned that it is a worthwhile experience to get to know your professor and really enriches the campus experience because it makes class and campus more enjoyable when you are being taught by individuals you know and feel comfortable with". –Fall 2012 Participant

"Teachers are people too and reaching out to them can really help you. Most of them appreciate it and are excited to talk to you and they can offer you advice you may not have even realized you needed". –Fall 2012 Participant

Need more information about the Out-to-Lunch program?
Contact the front desk of the Student Success Center at (803)777-1000 or Brian Dusel at (803)777-0690 duselb@mailbox.sc.edu