Information for U101 Instructors

Have undergraduate students interact with a professor outside of your UNIV 101 class by participating in the Out-To-Lunch program. Then have undergraduate students write a response paper about their experience. Most undergraduate students find this experience extremely rewarding. Undergraduate students can pick up an OTL ticket at any ACE office or the Student Success Center front desk. Consider incorporating the suggested assignments for your class.

See how former U101 Instructors have used the Out-to-Lunch Program in class:

  1. Interview Assignment #1
  2. Interview Assignment #2
  3. Reflection Paper Assignment #1
  4. Reflection Paper Assignment #2
  5. Pre and Post Reflection Assignment

If you are interested in using the Out-to-Lunch program in your U101 class, please click here to request tickets.

Need more information about the Out-to-Lunch program?
Contact the front desk of the Student Success Center at (803)777-1000 or Brian Dusel at (803)777-0690 duselb@mailbox.sc.edu.