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About Peer Tutoring

The Peer Tutoring program at the Student Success Center provides quality, course-specific academic support to University of South Carolina undergraduate students at no cost. Tutoring sessions are tailored to meet undergraduate students’ individual questions and needs and to foster independent learning. The Peer Tutors are undergraduate students who have excelled in the course they tutor and have been trained to facilitate discussions on course content as well as study skills and strong academic habits.

Summer 1-on-1 Online Tutoring is Here! More convenient than ever before!

Although the Spring Semester is over, does not mean we stop the academic support you may need for summer courses. The following courses will be available for 1-on-1 tutoring:

    MATH: 111 115 122 141 142

    CHEM: 111 112

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What Peer Tutoring participants have to say…

“Awesome experience! Helped me understand a problem my teacher taught in lecture.”

“My tutor was patient and understanding. She knew the material well and was very knowledgeable.”

It helped me be more confident in class.”

He really focused on the concepts behind the problems, enabling me to apply them to future problems.

I enjoyed my tutor giving her input on how she approached studying for the class and the helpful materials she provided to help me study.”

If you do not see your subject or course listed on this page or under our courses, please contact your instructor and department for assistance in locating a possible private tutor or peer.

Tutoring sessions will not be conducted on days and holidays when classes are not in session and when the University of South Carolina is closed. Please contact (803) 777-1000 for any questions regarding the schedule.

For more information, contact the Student Success Center at 803-777-1000 or tutoring@sc.edu