Information for Tutoring Participants

How can I benefit from attending tutoring sessions?

  • Earn higher course grades
  • Develop efficient methods of studying course material
  • Enhance study skills
  • Receive tips and strategies from tutors who have previously taken the course

How can I get the most out of tutoring sessions?

  • Regularly attend class. Tutoring provides support for the class, but is not a replacement for attending class or talking to your professor.
  • Bring class notes, textbook, and questions. Your tutor will be most helpful to you when you come in with specific questions.
  • Come to tutoring when you feel it is necessary, but do not allow it to be a crutch. After your sessions, try problems and go over the material on your own and see if you can figure it out using the tips and strategies your tutor shared with you.
  • Before your tutoring session ends, summarize to your tutor what the two of you discussed during the session. Having to explain the concepts in your own words will help you to have a better understanding of the material.
  • Plan ahead for when you will attend tutoring sessions. During the week of an exam, time slots may fill up very quickly.

I need assistance in a course that is not listed in your offerings. Is there any way you could find me a tutor?

Maybe! Please fill out the following form and share what course for which you need a tutor and when you need to meet with a tutor. We will do our best to fit you with a tutor who has excelled in that class, but can make no guarantees. We will take your request into account when considering new courses to be added to our services.

Refer to the list of “Other Tutoring Options at USC” click here and contact the person/office/department listed for the specific course or subject.

Talk to your professor. He/She may know of another undergraduate student or graduate student who has a strong understanding of the material and is willing to help for no cost or a modest fee.

What other academic support resources are available free of charge?

  • Supplemental Instruction provides peer-facilitated study sessions led by qualified and trained undergraduate SI leaders who attend classes with undergraduate students and encourage undergraduate students to practice and discuss course concepts in sessions. Sessions are open to all undergraduate students who want to improve their understanding of the material, as well as their grades.
  • Academic Coaching and Engagement  provide writing consultations, tutoring in 100-level math courses, and academic skills coaching.
  • The Writing Center provides undergraduate students with feedback on their writing.

How can I become a Peer Tutor?

We recruit for peer tutors each semester. In order to apply for a peer tutor position, please check our website in mid-September and early February each semester. The application will be posted on the Peer Tutoring homepage and should be turned in to the Student Success Center. A faculty recommendation form also accompanies the application and must be submitted at the same time as your application.
Upon receipt of the application, all candidates must attend an Information session and sign up for an individual interview.

What are the benefits of becoming a Peer Tutor?

  • Gain an enhanced understanding of the subject
  • Prepare for MCAT and other entrance/ certification exams by intensively reviewing course material
  • Gain transferable skills relevant to your future employment, such as effective communication, organization, and facilitation skills
  • Enhance your leadership skills
  • Develop relationships with faculty members
  • Serve as a resource for other undergraduate students

For more information, contact:
Student Success Center
803-777-1000 or