Training Certification

The purpose of the Student Success Center is to coordinate an intentionally-designed, comprehensive array of programs, resources, and services that guide undergraduate students to degree completion at USC through promoting academic goal-setting and skill development, personal transition to the university setting, and effective decision-making.

All of the Peer Leader opportunities within the SSC offer undergraduate students an opportunity to provide assistance to their peers.   The leaders are trained through the College Reading and Learning Association International Training Certification to provide quality assistance to enrolled University of South Carolina students that will empower them to be independent learners. CRLA certifies programs, not individual tutors. CRLA certifies that a particular tutor training program is qualified to issue CRLA certificates to individual tutors at certain levels” (CRLA, 2007).

The SSC employs over 100 Peer Leaders. Selection is determined through three possible criteria: department/faculty reference, group or individual interview, and a record of undergraduate student success.


Certification level requirements:

  • Level I (Regular Tutor): Attend 10 hours of Level I training. Log 25 hours of actual tutoring experience
  • Level II (Advanced Tutor): Attend 10 hours of Level II training. Log 25 hours of actual tutoring experience
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