Functional Area Presentations/Workshops

U101 Presentations


Functional Area-Specific Presentations & Workshops

ACE Presentations/Workshops
Workshops/Presentations are available for academic classes, campus departments, university housing as well as undergraduate student organizations on campus. These workshops/presentations can cover a variety of topics, including time management, basic study skills, exam preparation, learning styles and more. Please note that workshops/presentations are intended for audiences of 10 or more. If you anticipate your group will be fewer than 8 people, we encourage you to contact us to discuss other programming options. To learn more or to request a presentation/workshop,
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Financial Literacy Workshops
Workshops on a variety of financial topics – such as budgeting, credit, and financial planning – are available for USC academic classes, campus departments, and undergraduate student organizations on campus. To learn more or to request a workshop for your group at USC, click here to fill out our Financial Literacy Workshop Request Form.

Click here for general information regarding our Financial Literacy Service.

University 101 Presentations

The Student Success Center provides multiple University 101 Presentations to support first-year student success. To request one of the following presentations for your University 101 class, you will need to go through the University 101 TutorTrac system, click here.

         – ACE Your Exams: This ACE presentation focuses on exam preparation. The presenter will discuss note taking techniques as a          way to prepare for exams, the different methods of college testing; as well as effective study plans and time management for          significant exams.

         – Don’t Drop the Ball: This ACE presentation will cover time management in detail. The presenter will discuss effective techniques          for managing a busy college student schedule while maintaining a healthy balance between academics and extracurricular          activities. Goal setting, procrastination, and grades will also be explained during the session.

         – Don’t Be Cocky: Advising Matters!: This Cross College Advising Presentation provides students with vital information on the          advising and registration process at the University of South Carolina. Students will test their knowledge while learning the facts          about the advisement process. This fun and interactive presentation includes activities, handouts, and a Q&A session which informs          students as well as assists in their transition to college advising. Students will be involved and engaged while being equipped with          the details of how to navigate advising at USC.

         – The Money Game[Plan]: In this Financial Literacy Program U101 presentation, students are introduced to critical financial          concepts and experience the importance of thoughtful financial decision-making within the context of college living. Through a          financial decision-making game, guided discussion, and a take-away financial checklist for their first-year, students will leave with a          solid foundation for developing financial independence, as well as a list of on-campus resources to assist them in being financially          successful in college.

More information on University 101 Programs can be found, here.

For more general information, contact:
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