The University of South Carolina cares about undergraduate students’ success. If you have an academically deficient GPA (below a 2.0) and/or have financial aid, you may be required to come to meet with an ACE Coach in the Student Success Center.

The Student Success Center offers students:

  • Provide personal attention to all undergraduate students identified as academically deficient
  • Identify and assess barriers to the academic success of undergraduate students who are struggling academically.
  • Provide these undergraduate students with strategies and resources to aid in their academic success
  • Make appropriate referrals to academic resources and other undergraduate student services
  • Increase undergraduate student retention and graduation rates

Academic Probation (First-Year students)

  • First-year undergraduate students on academic probation: In order to satisfy the University’s Academic Standards/Probation requirement, you should schedule an academic coaching session appointment online. For more information on the Academic Standards Policy, please visit the Registrar’s page
  • If you do not participate in an academic coaching session within the first six weeks of the semester, a registration hold will be placed on your record prior to advisement and course enrollment.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

The Office of Financial Aid partners with ACE for a undergraduate student appeal process called “Satisfactory Academic Progress” or SAP. Students who have lost their financial aid due to deficient academic performance are required to meet with an ACE Coach and complete an ACE Academic Plan. This plan is important for undergraduate students to invest in and complete for several reasons:

  • To meet and connect individually with an ACE Academic Success Coach and determine your academic goals
  • To map out a clear and concrete plan for how you intend to reach your academic goals.
  • To get connected with the various campus resources that can assist you in becoming academically successful
  • To demonstrate that you have put significant thought and investment in your academic future

Please note: your ACE meeting is designed for your benefit and to help you reach your academic goals. ACE Coaches are here to help answer any academic questions you have about classes, advisement, course preparation and study skills. Please let us know how we can help you during your appointment.


If you are a Gamecock undergraduate student who has been or is at risk for being placed on academic suspension, we encourage you to meet with us to begin planning your FreshStart at USC.

FreshStart at USC can help you:

  • reflect on past obstacles and future goals
  • develop a plan to make the most of your return to the University
  • connect with appropriate campus offices and resources
  • navigate through the reinstatement process
  • discover strategies and capitalize on your strengths to be a successful Gamecock student.

We look forward to your return!
Contact FreshStart today at

For more information, contact:
Student Success Center
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