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The Supplemental Instruction (SI) program provides peer-facilitated study sessions led by qualified and trained undergraduate SI leaders who attend classes with undergraduate students and encourage undergraduate students to practice and discuss course concepts in sessions. Sessions are open to all undergraduate students who want to improve their understanding of the material, as well as their grades.

For more information, contact the Student Success Center at 803-777-1000.

What SI participants have to say…

“SI sessions allowed me to ask more questions than I would have been able to in class. Even if I understood the material fairly well it was still a great chance for me to go and review the material and get extra practice.”

“My SI leader had several strategies for figuring out certain problems that really helped me understand the material. I felt comfortable asking questions.”

“Going over the material outside of class is important, but doing that with someone who can answer your questions is the ultimate help.

For more information, contact:
Student Success Center
803-777-1000 or