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What effect would SI have on my class?

SI leaders focus on the most recent lecture material and encourage undergraduate students to practice and discuss course concepts. Through this collaborative learning approach, undergraduate students gain an enhanced understanding of the course material and study skills that will assist them in their current courses and throughout their college careers.

Undergraduate students attending SI sessions typically earn approximately half a letter grade higher in the course when compared to undergraduate students who do not attend SI sessions. To learn more about the SI model, please visit http://www.umkc.edu/asm/si/index.shtml

Who are the SI leaders?

SI leaders are undergraduate students who have previously taken the course and mastered the content material. These undergraduate students have a minimum of an overall 3.0 GPA and an A in the SI course at USC.

SI leaders complete a two-day training workshop, in which they learn about the SI model and practice collaborative learning techniques. SI leaders also receive additional training and feedback from SI supervisors throughout the semester.

How are courses selected for SI?

Courses are selected for SI based on the percentage of undergraduate students who withdrew from the course or earned a grade of D or F during recent academic years. Those courses selected have an average D, F, or withdrawal rate of 30%.

The SI program is in place to assist undergraduate students in meeting the course expectations and to provide them with additional opportunities to share and ask questions with a group of peers.

What are the expectations of faculty who participate in the SI program?

  • Allow SI leaders to introduce SI to the class during the first week of classes and make weekly announcements about SI sessions throughout the semester.
  • Meet with your SI leader on a weekly basis throughout the semester to ensure that SI sessions are most beneficial for your students.
  • Encourage all undergraduate students to attend SI sessions. SI sessions are designed for all undergraduate students regardless of how well they have mastered the course material. The goal of SI sessions is to assist undergraduate students who are struggling with the material, as well as the A undergraduate students who want to maintain their A in the class.

For more information, contact:
Student Success Center
803-777-1000 or student.success@sc.edu