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Transfer from Start to Finish


Even before applying it is important that you take the time to explore USC to make sure that it’s the right fit for you and your educational goals. There are important pre-application steps that all undergraduate transfer students should take before making this important decision. We have outlined those steps here, Explore USC.


When you begin the application process, it is extremely important to pay close attention to the application deadlines. There are specific deadlines for undergraduate transfer students, please click here to see the transfer deadlines for applying.When applying, use the online USC application. Send your transcripts and submit all other required documents, also be sure to meet all USC deadlines. Continue to check your credentials as you complete the application process.

If you are an undergraduate student at a SC Technical college, you can apply to USC through the Bridge Program. The Bridge Program at the University of South Carolina provides a pathway to undergraduate students at South Carolina’s technical colleges who want to transfer after completing 30 hours. Undergraduate students who are recent high school graduates and first-time college attendees are ideal candidates for the Bridge Program. Before transferring to USC, undergraduate students generally will complete 30 credit hours at one of SC’s Technical Colleges. The University also may identify other undergraduate students who would benefit from the Bridge Program and its services.

If you are an undergraduate student at USC Sumter, USC Union, USC Lancaster, or USC Salkehactie and you want to transfer to USC Columbia, you apply as a Change of Campus undergraduate student. Undergraduate students at any of the 4, two-year USC campuses do not have to complete one of the regular freshmen or transfer applications. They need to complete a Change of Campus application that you will submit to your current school’s Records or Registration department. Generally, you must have a 2.0 USC GPA and meet USC Columbia freshman admission requirements if you have less than 30 hours earned. Some programs have specific USC GPA requirements.

To access the Change of Campus Application, please follow this link: Change of Campus Application.


Once you have been accepted to the University of South Carolina there are important Next Steps that you need to complete in order to make a smooth and easy transition into the University. Please take the time review Welcome to USC and familiarize yourself with the Student Success Center.


Once on campus & taking classes you should be aware of all of the resources available to you that support you in your path to graduation and to a career after college. To learn about all of the offices and programs at your disposal, please select Path to Graduation.

For more information, contact:
Student Success Center
803-777-1000 or