Online Tutoring Instructions


Online Tutoring Week

Online Tutoring Week is a way for you to get quality tutoring in a convenient way! Please click below on the following courses you would like assistance in. If you have any questions or concerns about online tutoring, please contact the Student Success Center.

Online Tutoring Instructions

1. Click on the box above that corresponds to the course you would like tutoring from.

2. When the website loads, you will be asked to type in a username. Please type in your name in the text box. The tutoring software we are using is from Scribblar.
Click here if you would like to see an image of what the login looks like. The tutoring software we are using is from Scribblar.

3. When you enter into the online tutoring room, please wait for a tutor to greet you and assist you in your academic inquiry. Have your VIP ID ready so the tutor can sign you in.
NOTE: Please be mindful that the tutor may be assisting someone else when you enter.

4.After the tutoring is done, help us make online tutoring better by filling out a quick survey afterwards. You will be given a link from the tutor.


Unfortunately, there will be times where technological issues arise. To lower the risk of such risk occurring (or if you are finding ways to fix a current issue), consider the following tips to solve the issue:

  • Flash Player: The tutoring software (Scribblar) requires you to have Adobe Flash on your computer. You should receive a message on your browser indicating if you do not have flash or if your flash is outdated. To learn more about Adobe Flash Player, click here.
    Note: Many smartphones and tablets do not have flash players on those devices. We recommend you use a laptop or desktop computer.

  • Web Browsers: Web browsers are necessary to look at anything on the internet. Although everyone has a favorite web browser, some websites respond better to one browser more than another. Considering that, one way to fix an issue that arises is to switch browsers. So if you are using Google Chrome, try entering the tutoring room through Mozilla Firefox. Other browsers that can be used are Internet Explorer if you are using a PC or Safari if using a Mac.

  • Audio: Although there is a text chat feature that is available to all of our students, it is easier to explain concepts and questions when everyone has a working microphone and speakers/headphones. Make sure you click on the microphone image on the top right part of the Scribblar Interface. Make sure you click on ‘Accept’ if Scribblar asks permission to use your computer audio capabilities. If you are still having trouble with your microphone is still not working, go into Preferences (Mac) or Control Panel (PC) and look at your audio settings.
    Screenshot of Microphone Image
    Screenshot of Scribblar Audio Permission

  • Room Restriction: Please note that there is a maximum limit of 10 users in one room. If the website has loaded but you receive an error message being able to get in, wait a few minutes to see if another user has left the room.

    If you are having issues that are not solved by the troubleshooting section of this page, click on the button below!

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