Become an Organization

So, you’ve checked out all the different ways to get involved at the University of South Carolina, investigated more than 400 student organizations that are available to you but something’s still missing?

Please fill out the information below and once submitted the Leadership and Service Center will email you the information to get started. Can’t wait for the email? Take a look below to see the steps you will need to complete to be recognized by the University.

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Registration Steps

  • Determine name and purpose of the student organization. Think about and select the name of the organization as well as what its purpose is and why it would be valuable to add this organization to the Carolina Community.
  • Find other interested students. Cultivate interest and recruit other students to become members.
  • Find a full-time faculty or staff advisor. Asking someone in person is the best way to approach this step. Think about faculty or staff members that you have interacted with and feel comfortable talking with; they will be your best choice. If your organization is more skills based, try to find someone who will be a good resource, teacher or coach.
  • Draft a constitution. Writing the constitution may raise questions for you. Attempt to answer the ones you can and save the rest for the meeting with the Leadership and Service Center staff members. The staff can provide your with a sample that might be helpful. Sample Constitution
  • Contact the Leadership and Service Center to set up your new student organization. Bring all of the information gathered in the above steps with you.

Once you fully complete all of these steps your organization will be on its way to becoming a Registered Student Organization at the University of South Carolina.