Get a website for your organization!

As a registered student organization at USC, you have the opportunity to request space on the Student Affairs server free of charge.

Many organizations have taken advantage of this benefit and established informative websites to promote their organization within the Carolina Community.

Complete the site request form here, or call our office at 777-2654. Requests must be submitted by one of the four officers on file for your organization.

Request a Website | PLEASE READ: Webspace Policy


  • We will always use your assigned student organization email address to contact you. Please check this address for updates or changes.
  • Your main page cannot be a forward to another page in your website.
  • Approved space requests will be assigned a WordPress account. Download the WP User Guide.
  • Your username and password will be issued to you once your request for space has been approved.
  • Accounts are limited to 100 MB. Please monitor your file sizes. Files will be deleted without warning if limit is exceeded.



Getting Started:

The single most important thing you can do to create a successful website is to think about your goals and create an outline for your text and images. Think about your site’s user – is it someone unfamiliar with your organization, your current members, or both? Make sure to provide the information these audiences might be looking for.

  • How will the navigational structure of the site flow?
  • What parts of the site will be top-level pages in the menu?
  • Which parts will be sub-level pages?
  • How will our site’s users reach us?
  • Will we use social media in addition to our site?
  • Who will be in charge of updating the site with fresh information?

If you need assistance through this process, please contact Aubrey K. Jenkins, Web Developer for Student Life to make an appointment. Aubrey is available to assist you with your site pending other Student Life online projects.