Welcome to the Office of Academic Integrity

As Carolinians, students, faculty, and staff all have a responsibility to uphold high academic ethical standards. The Office of Academic Integrity (OAI) assists the Carolina community is upholding those standards. OAI is also responsible for addressing academically dishonest behavior when it occurs.

Academic Integrity Process

1. Reporter identifies a potential violation and submits a report via the Office of Academic Integrity’s website

2. The appointment is scheduled with the student to discuss the potential violation

3. Student meets with a conduct administrator and is given the opportunity to explain what happened

4. The recommended outcome is discussed with the student. The student can choose to accept the outcome or request a panel hearing

5. If requested, a panel of faculty and student members convenes to determine the outcome of the student’s case

6. The OAI sends the faculty reporter a notice of the outcome of the case

7. The faculty reporter may levy a grade penalty, if desired