Discussing Potential Violations with Students

The reporter is not required to, but may, discuss the violation with the student. This meeting can give the reporter the opportunity to clarify with the student any concerns about the student's academic work or behavior. If the reporter hasn’t submitted the report to the OAI, but believes there is enough information to support a violation, the reporter should continue with the reporting process. This ensures that students can exercise their due process rights through the Academic Integrity adjudication process and that the University can consistently address students who have potentially violated the Honor Code. If you'd prefer not to meet with the student, you can find a sample e-mail you can send to the student to help explain the process. 

Outline of the Conversation

  Inform the student of the nature of the concern.
  Show the student any supplemental materials that you plan to submit (or submitted) with the report (test, SafeAssign report etc.)
  Inform the student that you are required by policy to report the potential violation to the Office of Academic Integrity (OAI).
  Inform the student that they will be contact via e-mail by the OAI and given the opportunity to have their case heard by an individual staff member or a panel of faculty and students.
  Answer any questions the student has about the potential academic penalty you plan to issue if they are found responsible. If students have more questions direct them to the OAI website or have them call our office at 803-777-4333.