Academic Integrity Hearing Process

Academic integrity hearings can be heard in two formats. The first and most common way an outcome is determined is an individual one-on-one hearing. If a student doesn’t agree with the outcome of this hearing, or believe that the sanctions aren’t fair in nature, they can choose to have their case heard by the Carolina Judicial Council. Information about both types of hearings are detailed out below. 

Individual Meeting:

  • Student meets with a conduct administrator individually
  • Typically informal; discussion based
  • In the James F. Byrnes Building for 30-60 minutes
  • To address whether an Honor Code violation occurred and if so, what sanctions would be appropriate

Carolina Judicial Council Hearing:

  • Panel of 3 individuals of faculty and students
  • More formal; statements, questions and answers
  • In the OAI Conference Room for 1-4 hours
  • If a student disagrees with the outcome of their case

Faculty members are recommended by the college liaison, and serve a three-year term. Student members are selected annually according to the guidelines set in the Constitution of the Carolina Judicial Council. A student member will serve as the chairman of the hearing proceedings.

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