Academic Integrity Pre-Work (Incident Narrative) 

This exercise is designed for you to begin making sense of what happened while it is still fresh in your mind. The purpose of this reflection is to create a narrative of the events that occurred, which led to you being reported to the Office of Academic Integrity.

Incident Narrative (2 pages)
Due: 3:00 PM, On the day of your Workshop

Response Questions/Prompts:

1. Who are you? Where are you from? What are you studying at USC? Why did you choose to come to USC?

2. What happened that led to you being reported to the Office of Academic Integrity? Start from the beginning and be as detailed as possible.

3. What was the timeline of the events that occurred? How did you end up in this situation?

4. What decisions did you make throughout the process? Why did you make those decisions? What made your decisions good or bad?

5. Without placing blame or judgment on any person, including you, what key problems perpetrated this incident?

6. What type of academic assignment was involved? What was the purpose of that assignment?

7. How did the professor respond to the incident?

8. How did you respond to the incident?

9. Who else was impacted by the incident? How did they respond?

Please note: Instructions for submitting your pre-work assignment will be sent to you via your UofSC email the Monday prior to your workshop. If you fail to complete and submit your pre-work prior to your workshop you will be removed from the workshop and will be required to complete the Online Academic Integrity Seminar in place of the USC Office of Academic Integrity workshop. Should you have any questions regarding this assignment, please call our main office at 803-777-4333.

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