Faculty Resources

Classroom Tools

The following documents or web links are proactive tools for creating a culture of integrity. If you’d like to receive information regarding best practices regularly, please e-mail osc@sc.edu to request to receive a copy of our quarterly faculty newsletter.


  Creating an Environment that Supports Academic Integrity: A guide to inform instructors of the best practices to promote academic integrity in their classrooms.
  Syllabus Checklist: Have student’s complete this checklist as an in-class activity or homework assignment. The purpose of this checklist is to help student’s review the syllabus and understand your classroom expectations. 
  Creating a Culture of Integrity Online: This handout reviews best practice strategies for online courses. For more information, contact the Center for Teaching Excellence to learn additional strategies.
  Paraphrasing Activity: This activity, from the Purdue Online Writing Lab, can be a helpful tool in teaching students how to appropriately paraphrase. You can assign this as an in-class assignment or provide it as a helpful resource to students on blackboard.
  Dealing with Disruptive Behavior: Setting expectations for how you will deal with disruptive behavior is critical. In the event that you encounter a disruptive situation, this information can assist you in addressing the concern.