Presentation Types

Presentation to Student Groups

Our presentation to students, called "Cocky Never Cheats", usually lasts approximately 50 minutes, but can be shortened if there are time constraints. The presentation specifically addresses the individual policies of the University's Honor Code, ways to avoid academic dishonesty (i.e. use of campus and online resources, building relationships with faculty members, etc.), and the impact of violating the Honor Code on a student's academic reputation and the institution. Cocky Never Cheats is an interactive educational program that uses the "Think-Pair-Share" activity to provide student-led discussion about academic integrity.

Presentation to Faculty/Staff Groups

Our presentation to faculty and staff groups is approximately 15 minutes long. In this presentation, the Office of Academic Integrity provides faculty and staff groups tips for creating a classroom environment that supports academic integrity. Additionally, we review what faculty/staff members should do if they discover academically dishonest behavior in their classroom. The Office of Academic Integrity also provides an overview of typical case outcomes for students referred to the Honor Code Process.

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