One or more of the following sanctions may be utilized to provide educational interventions and hold the student accountable. The severity of the sanctions will align with community standards and increase with subsequent violations of the Honor Code.

The sanctions administered by the OAI may be in addition to a grade penalty. The faculty member/instructor who reported you can choose to issue a grade penalty if they desire.

Educational Sanctions: Educational sanctions can include:

  • A workshop reviewing ethical decision-making, integrity and the Honor Code;
  • A research project or essay;
  • Consultations with the Writing Center or Student Success Center; or
  • Additional sanctions may be imposed by the Office of Academic Integrity or the Carolina Judicial Council

Probation: A period of review and observation during which a student is under official notice that subsequent violations of the Honor Code are likely to result in more severe sanctions, including suspension or expulsion from the university.

Transcript Notation: A transcript notation indicates that an Honor Code violation has occurred in a specific course.

  • The transcript notation will be given in the most serious breaches of academic dishonesty. These more serious breaches involve premeditation, conspiracy and/or intent to deceive, and/or deliberate failure to comply with assignment(s) directions.
  • Students have the opportunity to petition for the removal of the transcript notation. Procedures detailing the process of petitioning this sanction are listed online.

Suspension: Suspension results in denial of enrollment, attendance, and other privileges at the university for no less than one semester. Permission to apply for readmission upon termination of the period may be granted with or without conditions/restrictions.

Expulsion: Expulsion results in permanent dismissal from the university.