How to Petition for the Removal of a Transcript Notation:

A transcript notation may be petitioned to be removed at least one calendar year after the resolution of the Academic Integrity case. The petition information below outlines the criteria that will be considered by the committee who reviews the petitions.

  • The student demonstrates an improved ability for personal and professional decision making.
  • This demonstration should incorporate examples from the Carolinian Creed and Honor Code.
  • The student demonstrates learning as a result of the Academic Integrity process. Additionally, the student would demonstrate how the transcript notation would have a significant negative impact on their future career goals

Students filing a petition for the transcript notation removal will need to provide the following information to the committee:

  •  A personal statement (500 words) outlining how the student has learned from the violation and why the notation should be removed. The personal statement must present information about  the student’s growth, including positive examples of how the student’s experience with the Academic Integrity process affected their future. The personal statement should further articulate the student’s impact with the community to support petition removal.
  • Three letters of recommendation should also be included. One letter of recommendation must come from any faculty or staff member affiliated with the University. Letters from relatives will not be accepted.

A three-person panel will determine if the request for removal has been met by the student. The panel will consist of two college liaisons with one representing the in which the violation occurred, and one Office of Academic Integrity staff member who was not the original conduct administrator for the case.

This process should be utilized only for cases heard at the beginning of the fall 2017 semester. For cases heard prior to the fall 2017 semester. Please e-mail or call to determine how to petition to remove the transcript notation. 

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