Marie Morrissette first decided on her career choice in physical therapy as an active young athlete in high school. But her recent experience has cemented that decision for the USC senior and now she’s dedicated her summer to getting hands-on experience in a field that has come to mean a lot to her personally.


Liz Jones has twice climbed Washington’s Mt. Rainier, she commutes to work most days on her bicycle, and she has led backpacking and canoeing trips for more than a decade. But USC’s director of Outdoor Recreation doesn’t consider herself an accomplished outdoorswoman.


When Lorie Bellot first visited campus to interview for a job with University Housing, she visited many of the residence halls and the Horseshoe. The campus was beautiful. Then she stopped by the Women’s Quad. That moment felt like a movie, she says.

“We rode the cart through the middle of the quad and it just felt like – I don’t even know how to describe it,” she says. “It’s like when the clouds open up and the sun rays come through. You hear the birds chirping. In my heart I thought ‘I just have to work here. I must work in the women’s quad.’”