What is Carolina After Dark?

Carolina After Dark is the University of South Carolina’s source for free and fun late night activities.  Events typically begin between 9 and 10 p.m. on various Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights throughout the semester.

Carolina After Dark has hosted a variety of events such as comedy shows, custom novelties, dance parties, bowling nights and many more social events for students to get together and have fun!

Stay Connected with Carolina After Dark!

Carolina After Dark is on Twitter! Follow to stay current with upcoming events at www.twitter.com/usccad.

Also, like Carolina After Dark on Facebook! There are constant updates regarding future events at www.facebook.com/usccad.

Suggest an Event!

What events would you like to see Carolina After Dark host in the future? Are you part of a student organization or department that is interested in co-sponsorship of a Carolina After Dark event?  If so, send in your suggestions by clicking HERE!