March 2013- June 2014


Section 1. The name of the organization shall be the Carolina Community Coalition.

ARTICLE II. Vision/Mission/Purpose/Goal

Section 1. The vision of this Coalition is a caring community united for a safer Carolina.

Section 2. The mission of this Coalition is to create a campus-community environment that promotes healthy and safe behaviors among faculty, staff, students and community organizations

Section 3: The purpose of this Coalition is to build capacity and to perform ongoing assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of substance abuse prevention strategies, and to make recommendations for policy change.

Section 4: The goal of this Coalition is to contribute to the overall reduction of high risk substance use and its consequences at the University of South Carolina-Columbia.

ARTICLE III. Organization

Section 1. The Coalition will consist of a general body of members as well as a Steering Committee. Additional Subcommittees will be determined to carry out the purpose and strategic plan of the Coalition. The membership of the Coalition and Subcommittees will reflect balance by discipline, experience, and expertise.

ARTICLE IV. Membership

Section 1. Campus partners will include faculty, staff, and/or students from the University of South Carolina-Columbia.

Section 2. Community partners will include individuals and/or organizations that have an interest in issues of substance use/abuse and high-risk behaviors of college students.

Section 3. Members will actively participate in the Carolina Community Coalition in the following ways:
– Support the Carolina Community Coalition’s vision, mission, purpose, and goals.
– Regularly attend Coalition meetings
– Serve on at least one Subcommittee

ARTICLE V. Steering Committee

Section 1. The Steering Committee will consist of the Coalition Co-Chairs, Coalition Coordinator, Subcommittee Chairs, and other ex-officio members who are selected based on their contributions.

Section 2. The Steering Committee meetings will be facilitated by the Coalition Coordinator and Steering Committee Chair; this includes, but may not be limited to, developing an agenda, communicating with members, designating location, and providing minutes post meeting.

Section 3. The Steering Committee is responsible for overseeing the direction and functioning of the coalition.

ARTICLE VI. Additional Subcommittees

Section 1. The Steering Committee has the ability to appoint Subcommittees.


Section 1: The officers of the Carolina Community Coalition will be the Coalition Co-Chairs, the Steering Committee Chair, and the Subcommittee Chairs.

Section 2: Officers will serve one year terms from July through June, and may serve consecutive terms.

Section 3. The Coalition Co-Chairs will be selected by the Steering Committee and will preside at the Coalition meetings.

Section 4. The Steering Committee Chair will be selected by the Steering Committee and will preside at the Steering Committee meetings.

Section 5. The Subcommittee Chairs will be selected by the respective Subcommittee and will preside at the Subcommittee meetings.

Section 6. The Subcommittee Chair(s) will attend Coalition meetings, serve on the Steering Committee, and serve as the liaison between the Coalition, the Subcommittee, and the Steering Committee.


Section 1. The Coalition’s general body will meet monthly.

Section 2. The Steering Committee will meet monthly.

Section 3: Each Subcommittee will meet monthly, or as needed to complete the tasks outlined in the strategic plan.

ARTICLE IX. Amendments

Section 1. These bylaws may be amended by the Steering Committee. Proposed changes to these bylaws will be presented to the Coalition members by written or electronic copy at least five days prior to the next scheduled Coalition meeting.