Executive Board

Carolina Productions is a student-operated organization that provides entertaining, educational, traditional and diverse programs to students, faculty, staff and community members. These programs encompass the ideas, issues, and interests of the University of South Carolina community, as well as the Carolinian Creed and University mission. Carolina Productions also provides accessible opportunities for the social, cultural, intellectual, and leadership development of University of South Carolina students.

Keifer Negri is a junior Broadcast Journalism major from Myrtle Beach, SC. He is currently the Carolina Productions President and has been a member since his first semester freshman year. Keifer collects live manatees as a hobby and believes himself to be most similar to Sleeping Beauty. If given the option, he would live in the fantasy world of Willy Wonka. Keifer’s favorite band is Owl City, but he does not think Fireflies is their greatest song that has been released. He does, however, believe that Mulan is a princess.

Vice President
Jenine Dunn is a junior Marketing major from Greenville, SC. She currently serves as the VP of for Carolina Productions but her involvement with CP started her sophomore year. Jenine loves (safety) kits, she loves cats, and she definitely loves Kit-Kats. She would also like to live in the world of Pokémon. She does not believe that Mulan is a princess because Mulan is not the daughter of royalty nor does she marry into royalty and so she is not a princess.


Rebecca Marquez is a sophomore Advertising major from Chicago, IL. Rebecca is currently the Marketing Coordinator, but she became a part of CP her freshman year. Les Mis makes her cry. If she could live in any children’s fantasy land, she would live in any world where mermaids and unicorns both exist. Rebecca is a self-proclaimed mermaid, and would therefore be Ariel if she could be any princess. She also wholeheartedly believes that Mulan is a princess, too. Contact Rebecca Marquez (sacpmrkt@mailbox.sc.edu)

Graphic Designer
Kaycie Little is a senior Media Arts major from Chapin, SC. Kaycie is currently Carolina Productions’ graphic designer and has been since the end of last spring. Kaycie’s cat, Luna, is her child and she would die for her. Kaycie would like to live in the fantasy world of Pokémon. If she were a Disney Princess she would be Nala, and she believes that Mulan deserves to be a Disney Princess.