Carolinian Creed Programming 

creed-and-diversity-week-2016-3Carolinian Creed & Diversity Week

Carolinian Creed Week, which takes place in the fall semester, features speakers, student forums, and interactive displays. Check out this year’s events.


creed-and-diversity-day-2017Carolinian Creed & Diversity Day

Creed & Diversity day features our award winning program CREEDx, which is a combination of TEDx and the Carolinian Creed. Learn more about our great events. 

 CJC LogoThe Carolina Judicial Council (CJC) is the primary student organization charged with Carolinian Creed programming, encouraging and soliciting other student organizations to host programs and events that celebrate the Creed. CJC has recently partnered with Empower, Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, Substance Abuse Prevention & Education, University Housing and Student Government to put on programming. 


The following are additional ways that the Creed is integrated into the campus culture

  • All students sign the Carolinian Creed as a part of their Undergraduate Addmissions Application.
  • During Fall Convocation the President of the Student Government presents the Creed to a selected first year student on stage and asks the student to accept it and commit to its ideals on behalf of the Freshman Class.
  • Students, faculty, and staff encounter framed copies or brass plaques of the Creed in offices across campus.
  • Officer induction’s for various student groups include the Creed in their pledges.
  • At the Leadership & Services awards the Creed Champion award is awarded to both a student and faculty/staff member who has exemplified the tenets of the Creed in his/her campus involvement.
  • University 101 faculty extensively cover the Creed in their course.